God Denied Tenure...

ewyyau at alpha.ntu.ac.sg ewyyau at alpha.ntu.ac.sg
Mon Jul 31 04:26:47 EST 1995

> (Alexander Berezin) writes:
> By the above reasons (before He was denied
> tenure), He also faild to obtain research
> grant to continue His work on creation.
Can some kind hearted soul/company/government provide Him
with the required fund so that He can continue with His
research as His experimental results/prototype is working
but with many flaws. The flaws are as follows:
1. His creators are destroying one another daily (war, terrorism,
   conflict etc) and also His workspace (nuclear bomb, pollution etc)
2. Many of His creators are suffering terribly (femine, diseases etc)
3. His workspace is chaotic. (Draught, flood, earthquake etc)
4. Many of the supposed outcomes are unaccounted (abortion!)
etc. [too long to be listed]

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