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Margaret Novack novackm at NEVADA.EDU
Mon Jul 31 18:56:54 EST 1995

Blood viscosity is normally about 3 times that of water, except in 
vessels less than 1.5 mm (due to the Fahraeus Lindqvist effect, in which 
the rbc's line up to get thru the vessel).  Viscosity of course changes 
with hematocrit, in polycythemia viscosity can be as great as 10 times 
that of water.

As far as velocities are concerned.  The only numbers I have are 33 
cm/sec in the aorta and 0.3 mm/sec in capillaries, 3 mm/sec in venules 
and 2 cm/sec in arterioles.

Hope this helps.

On 31 Jul 1995 Unknown at wrote:

> 	If anyone out there has approximate data for the viscosity of 
> 	blood and the flow rate in 1 - 5 mm blood vessels, I would be 
> 	very happy.  I only need approximate values to begin my studies
> 	and purchase some materials.
> Rick Gemeihart
> Graduate Student
> IPPH Purdue University

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