bovine fragment1-2, prothrombin,blood coagulation

Martin Zabe mzb at
Thu Jun 1 09:40:17 EST 1995

We are a working group in Pharmacological Hemostaseology, blood  
We are trying to establish an ELISA/EIA for bovine ! fragment1-2 of Factor  
II (prothrombin) to analyze the activation of the coagulation cascade by  
different types of materials used in dialysis etc.
Does anybody know a method to isolate "easily" an amount of 1-2 mg  
fragment 1-2 (36kD) from bovine plasma (or someone who has been already  
successful, possesses antibodies against it)?
We tried it by activating bovine plasma with Russel Viper venom, calcium  
chloride and precipitation with barium chloride. For the moment we can t  
precipitate the fragment. It seems that the fragments stick to the formed  
fibrin clot.

Thank you for any help.


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