Urgent News Regarding Scientific Funding

diane h. peapus diane at lpoly.bioc.cwru.edu
Fri Jun 2 10:33:01 EST 1995

Patrick O'Neil wrote:

>Furthermore, I have yet to see a lab where the money from
>grants and whatnot did NOT go into supporting research DIRECTLY and

	I presume you define "DIRECTLY and FULLY" as less than 50%,
since overhead is about that at many institutions.  Then, after you
pay overhead, you still have to pay for secretaries and tuition on
grad student "research credits" and other things that may very well
be "overhead" in your eyes.

	IMHO, an appropriate congressional cut would be on the 
overhead.  That would weed out those administrators who seem to
think that a university exists solely for the purpose of paying
them to be a cog in the paper-process.  This would allow a cut
in the federal budget and help to redirect out institutions to
their educational and research goals.

	diane h peapus
	diane at cwxtl.bioc.cwru.edu

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