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James Brown jbrown at
Fri Jun 2 09:50:32 EST 1995

Announcing the Ocean Information Technology Showcase
Web Site.  You can find us at:

Read on to find what it's all about!

What:		Twenty Canadian companies specializing 
	in ocean information technology will present 
	a showcase for Summit media and delegates of 
	our ocean mapping and 	space technology 
	expertise, as part of the G7 Summit.

Where:	The presentations will take place on board 
	two Department of Fisheries and Oceans 
	the CSS CREED and CSS MATTHEW, Purdy's Wharf, 
	Halifax. The MATTHEW will remain alongside 
	the wharf; the CREED will leave the wharf at 
	scheduled times for practical demonstrations 
	of real time navigation, data collection and 
	processing technologies.

When:	June 15 to 17 for Summit media and delegates; 
	an open house for the public will be held June 

Why:	To demonstrate Canada's technical expertise in 
	the design and use of space surveillance, 
	instrumentation, ocean mapping and information 
	technology for the management of our ocean and 
	costal zones.

For more information contact: jbrown at

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