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Please send me 440 cases of this stuff.
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?See? How Fertile you Are With the Lady Free

At last there is a safe and harmless, yet surprisingly accurate way to
determine your fertile and infertile days.  The Lady Free Biotester
employs a reliable and absolute painless method that has been practice by
the medical community for many years.

By studying a woman?s saliva under a microscope, and knowing what to look
for, it really is possible to tell whether she is likely to conceive
should intercourse occur.

Science Comes to Your Home With the Lady Free

Many changes occur in your body in the course of your monthly cycle.  It
is generally agreed that the egg, which matures approximately two weeks
before menstruation actually begins, is only fertile for about six to
seven days.  But which six or seven days?  The answer can vary for each
woman and can even vary from month to month.

One widely agreed-upon barometer for assessing fertile days is the basal
body temperature.  Shortly after menstruation begins, the temperature is
low; once the egg is released, it goes up.  Vaginal secretions also
change.  During the period of maximum fertility, these secretions are
extremely viscous.  But body temperature and secretion viscosity
measurements have not proven to be definitive enough to be reliable.

A major breakthrough occurred when it was discovered that hormonal and
mineral changes which occur in your body also alter the composition of
your saliva.  A drop, left to dry and crystallize, and then magnified,
reveals predictable and identifiable patterns or structures which are
directly related to your fertility.

When you are most fertile - most likely to conceive - your saliva will dry
in fern like patterns.  During non-fertile days, the pattern is random,
and unconnected dots appear.  When a combination of dots and ?ferns? are
present, and shapes are more difficult to determine, it is called a
?transition? pattern - you are less fertile, but conception is still very
possible.  Some studies show that an embryo conceived right after the
pattern changes from dots to ?ferns? is more likely to be a girl, while
conception when the ?fern? are thickest increases the chances that the
baby will be a boy.

The fern structures appear approximately three to four days before
ovulation begins, and two to three days after it stops.  Thus, the Lady
Free Biotester can be an informative and reassuring tool whether you wish
to conceive or you want to know when to be extra cautious to make sure you
will not conceive.  In either case, the days you are most likely to be
fertile are ?right before your eyes.?

Completely 100% Natural.

Four Easy Steps to Using the Lady Free

1. Remove the cover and pull out the eyepiece/sample glass assembly.

2. Apply a small sample of saliva (be sure it?s not foamy) on the sample
glass and let it dry for 5 - 7 minutes.  It is recommended that you do not
smoke, eat, or drink alcoholic  beverages two hours before testing.
(morning sample)

3. Insert the eyepiece/sample glass assembly back into the microscope body.

4. Depress the illuminator switch on the bottom and look into the
eyepiece.  Focus if necessary by turning the eyepiece.

For more info please send e-mail to

littlep at
subject: biotester

I can also send diagrams via fax if requested.
Price: $29.95 US plus shipping. Full 100% money back gurantee

K&P Enterprises
30 Sands Dr.
Moncton, NB

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