A question about Graduate school programs

Pablo amarino1 at cc.swarthmore.edu
Sun Jun 4 06:24:09 EST 1995

   I have two questions and I am hoping that someone out there will be
able to answer them.  I am an undergraduate student at Swarthmore College
in Pennsylvania who is extremely interested in going to graduate school in
Physiology, however, almost all of the graduate programs I have seen are
Physiology/ Biophysics.  I have taken introductory, advanced and
independent study courses in physiology but I have really never heard of
biophysics until I started looking into graduate programs.  Thus, my first
question is this- What exactly is Biophysics and why does it seem to be so
closely associated with physiology and not other biological fields (at
least in the sense of graduate programs)?  My second question is- what
would be a good introductory text that I could read so that I can attempt
to understand the Biophysics discipline? 

Thanks for helping me out,


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