alternative child birth methods?

Jennifer Malatesta gx041 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Mon Jun 5 14:11:10 EST 1995

hi.  i'm not sure if this is the right area to be asking this
question.  if not please email me and guide me in the right
direction.  i am a 25 year old female with spinal muscular 
atrophy (werdnig hoffman's disease).  it is covered by the
muscular dystrophy association, although i am told it's not
really a muscular problem per se.  anyway, although my 
disease is fairly well progressed i am married and already am
the mother of a two year old.  the reason i am writing is that
the birth of my daughter did not go too great and, as i want
to eventually have more child, i was wanting advice on how to
avoid the problems i had in the past.  at the time of my
first pregnancy, it was determined that i had to have a c-
section.  the only hitch is that nine years ago i had surgery
to straighten out a curvature of my spine and the areas they
normally inject epiderals in a spine are 'covered'.  because
of this i had to have general anesthetic.  i have pretty
bad respiratory problems and i'd like to try to avoid the
general anesthetic route.  any suggestions would be
greatly appreciated.  if you need more specific info or
have some ideas or want to tell me i posted in the wrong 
area(!) please please email.  or if you can suggest 
other people i should ask (mda doesn't do referrals)
please let me know.   thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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