Reducing Graduate admissions??

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Mon Jun 5 09:33:27 EST 1995

Subject: Reducing Graduate admissions??
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In article <3qqm0l$kgl at>, you say:
>  With all the recent talk about the hard times for PhD's and others, I
>was wondering if there are any bio departments that are actively reducing
>the number of graduate students they are taking.
As the number of PhD's in the job market increases more and of them will
be taking jobs for which they are "overqualified". This means that A PhD
will probably start become a requiremnt (in practice at least) for
jobs which don't really need one. Many jobs which are really research
technician positions are going to start turning into Post-Docs.
I suspect this will happen with a number of different sorts of jobs.
This will, of course, drive people with BS's and MS's into PhD programs.
I don't really know what could be done except perhaps to let people
know what they are getting into when they enter a PhD program....

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