Source for WHHL Rabbits, 2nd posting

John Piper john.piper at
Mon Jun 5 09:14:45 EST 1995

        Does anyone out there know of a source for Watanabe Heritable
Hyperlipidemic (WHHL) rabbits in the United States ?  A supplier somwhere
in Texas would be preferrable, but information on any suppliers would be
greatly appreciated.  The people at Sprague Dawley gave me a number at the 
NIH, but I have yet to recieve a response.  Also, information on the cost
of these animals would be a great help ( I am interested in acquiring the
heterozygous strain).

                                        Thanks in advance,

                                        John Piper
                                        Graduate Student
                                        Univ. of TX Medical Branch
                                        7.138 Medical Research Bldg.
                                        Galveston, TX 77555-1067

                                        JPIPER at BEACH.UTMB.EDU

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