Three simple questions that I found myself unable to answer

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Wed Jun 7 09:33:10 EST 1995

Response to #2:

Wouldn't a pre-menopausal female who has had a hysterectomy be considered
the equivalent to the male eunuch??  

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> (Insect sleep, female eunuchs and Chimpansee/Gorilla procriation)? 
> Keywords: Sleep, eunuch, cross-species-procriation
> I found myself unable to answer the following simple questions, 
> so I'd be happy if someone could answer them for me or tell me where 
> I could look for an answer. 
> 1. Do insects have to sleep? If so, what is the
> most sohisticated species that does not have to sleep?
> (I take it that amebia and the like don't sleep.)
> 2. Is there a female equivalent to male eunuchs (i.e. men, 
> that got their testicles removed)? What kind of changes in 
> appearance or behaviour does the removal or malfunction of 
> the corresponding female organ bring about?
> 3. Gorillas, Chimpansees and Orang-Utans each constitute a 
> species of their own. Does that mean that two individuals that 
> do not belong to the same species are strictly infertile, does 
> it mean that they can have babies which turn out infertile themselves,
> or is there no data available because apes of different species have a 
> natural barrier to mate and experiments with in vitro fertilisation have 
> not been carried out (for ethical or other reasons)?

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