Three simple questions that I found myself unable to answer

Helmar Nitsch nitschh at
Thu Jun 1 11:33:25 EST 1995

(Insect sleep, female eunuchs and Chimpansee/Gorilla procriation)? 
Keywords: Sleep, eunuch, cross-species-procriation

I found myself unable to answer the following simple questions, 
so I'd be happy if someone could answer them for me or tell me where 
I could look for an answer. 

1. Do insects have to sleep? If so, what is the
most sohisticated species that does not have to sleep?
(I take it that amebia and the like don't sleep.)

2. Is there a female equivalent to male eunuchs (i.e. men, 
that got their testicles removed)? What kind of changes in 
appearance or behaviour does the removal or malfunction of 
the corresponding female organ bring about?

3. Gorillas, Chimpansees and Orang-Utans each constitute a 
species of their own. Does that mean that two individuals that 
do not belong to the same species are strictly infertile, does 
it mean that they can have babies which turn out infertile themselves,
or is there no data available because apes of different species have a 
natural barrier to mate and experiments with in vitro fertilisation have 
not been carried out (for ethical or other reasons)? 

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