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Alexander Berezin berezin at MCMAIL.CIS.MCMASTER.CA
Sat Jun 10 09:29:20 EST 1995

Thanks for this posting. Since in all practicality
many people will not have time/chance to read/see
the book, may I suggest that you post a brief
summary of the main theme of Proctor's book.
My guess (just guess) is that in essence the message
of a book of is that with the present
esablishement-dominated funding policies and
emphaisis on mega-scales rather than on free 
exploration of variety of creative ideas, the war
against cancer is actually much LESS efficient than
it could be in a less stressful and less peer 
controlled environment.

If my guess is correct (more-or-less, of course), than
the message has a significant overlap with another
recent book by (Cambridge physicst) John Ziman
"Prometheus Bound" (Cambr.Univ.Press, 1994), which
is (essentially) about the damage of managerial
model in science at large.

But please post few lines summarizing Proctor's
book - I am sure many will appreciate it.

Alex Berezin    

On 10 Jun 1995, Bert Gold wrote:

> People interested in the Chemistry, Biology and Politics of Science
> should read Dr. Robert N. Proctor's new book: CANCER WARS, subtitled
> How Politics Shapes What We Know & Don't Know About Cancer.  
> Copyright by Basic Book, a division of HarperCollins (San Francisco)
> 1995.  Get it at your local bookstore.  Hardback $ 25.00.  
> It is well worth it.
> Bert Gold
> Temple and Jefferson
> Philadelphia

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