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Dear sir/madam
    This is Beijing, P. R. China. A woman,   Sirou Zhang, has devoted 
all her life to teaching in China,   a developing  country,  and  she 
is  still  standing in  the  classroom. She loves  her lovely  pupils 
and  all  of  them  couldn't leave  their respective "Grandma".   But  
now  she  has  become  very  sick and is dying.   The illness is very 
rare.  Though  they  have  tried  their best, doctors at the the best 
hospitals   in  Beijing  cannot  cure  her; may do not even know what 
illness it is. So now we are asking the world---can somebody help us?
    This is a description of the illness:
    Our  "Grandma"  is a 62-year-old  right-handed woman complaining 
of 4 months history of progressive  weakness of her extremities. She 
first  developed  weakness  of  right lower limb 4 months ago.   And  
weakness  spread to the right upper limb then to the left lower limb 
in  the following two months.   She  could't climb up stairs without 
help  and  walked  with  a  walkstick during the early month.  About
3 weeks  before  she  was  admitted to hospital,  she  felt that her 
voice was lower and her speech became slow and choked sometimes. And 
she  had to leave  her lovely pupils.  She lost  her weight  for 4kg 
during  the 4 months.  She has no history of difficulty in urination 
and bowel movement.
    She  was  a thin  woman and fully alert and oriented. Vital sign 
and general physical  findings  were  almost normal. A  neurological   
examination shows significantly asymmetrical limb weakness especially 
in right limbs,  slightly decreased  tone in the four limbs,  loss of  
sensation  at the level of T4 and a glove-stocking  anethessia.   The  
cranial  nerves  examinations  showed  only one abnormal finding that 
her tongue to the left. The vibration  and joint positional sensation 
are normal.  Reflexes are symmetrical and brisk. There is no signs of
damage of cerebellam and pyramidal tract.
    Laberatory: Full blood cell count,  electrolyte levels and liver,  
kidney, cardiac  function  are  normal.   The  following  laberatory  
are normal: serum anti-nuclear antibody, anti-smooth muscle antibody,  
anti-DNA, RF, ASO. T4, T3, TSH,  CEA,  AFP,  and  urinay Bence-Jones 
Protein.  Among  the  serum  immunoglobulins  IgM level 432Iu/ml was 
slightly higher compared  with the  normal range from 66 to 279Iu/ml 
(repeat value of 361 IU/ml). Serum  CK  once was  higher  but normal 
latter.The repetitive  low-freguency  electical  stimulation  showed 
amplitode of waves decreased gradually for 48%. EMG (electromyogram) 
showed  signs of  neurogenous  disease demage.  The chest X-ray,  an 
abdoment B-ultrasomic examination and the cerviel and cranio cerebral 
MRI were normal.A lumber puncture was performed and the cerebrospinal  
fluid  pressure was  50mmH20,  with a protein level  50mg/dl. Immuno-
globulins  synthetic  rate of serum and CSF are nomal.   The CSF and 
blood gluose concentrations were 49mg\dl and 121mg\dl, respectively.  
GI was negative. Two dimensional echocardiography was nomal.

    If you have heard  of patients  with  similar  symptom,  or have 
any ideas as to what this illness could be,  Please contact  with us. 
We  were her students before and we are disparate to help our deeply 
loved teacher.   
    Please help us!
    Our E-mail address: Liangdc at               
                    or  Chenrs at
   Please send  back  E-mail  to  us!   We  will  send  more complete 
description of her illness to you.

                                     Thank you very much
                                     National lab of Biomacromelecules
                                     Inst. Biophys. Beijing 100101
                                     June 16th, 1995



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