Help in DNA replication needed

nicola benetolo benetolo at
Mon Jun 19 07:57:15 EST 1995


I am an italian student in his final year and I'm busy with the thesis work.
It regards biology and more specificaly the DNA replication.
Well, since i'm not a biologist but a computer science student, please excuse me
for the over-simplified language I use.
I have some articles concerning the "High fidelity DNA replication" from whom
I have understand that there are 3 processes ensuring the error rate in DNA
 duplication to be small:

 - "Nucleotide selection" and "proof reading" that act in concert with DNA replication
    - "Mismatch repair" that operates after synthesis

    The problem for me is that the articles above specify the error rate assured by the
    first two processes (nucleotide selection + proof reading = error rate about
    1 mistake per 10 million base pairs) but they say nothing about mismatch repair (his
     error rate).
     Please can somebody help me ?
     If you know where I can find this information please reply to me !

     Thanks a lot.

     Nicola Benetolo
     Computer science dep. of University of Milan - Italy


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