Help with FSH Bioassay

Wayne Young youngwa at AGRESEARCH.CRI.NZ
Mon Jun 19 15:28:18 EST 1995


For the last 8 months I've been working on an in vitro bioassay for FSH.  
However, I have been struggling with a lack of sensativity when dealing with 
serum samples which are typically around the 2 ng/ml region.

The assay involves incubating sertoli cells from the testes of 7-10 day old 
rats in the presence of FSH.  The presence of FSH then causes a dose-dependent 
increase in aromatase activity when adrostendione is converted to estradiol 
which can be measured to determine the concentration of FSH.

If anyone out there is familiar with this assay and can help me to  increase 
the sensativity (by decreasing the variability) then please e-mail me

Wayne Young                           Youngwa at
AgResearch                            New Zealand  

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