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Patrick O'Neil patrick at corona
Mon Jun 19 19:21:53 EST 1995

To help stop BELOW COST timber sales and National Forest destruction
please use this message and send it with your name and address to:
president at

             		    CITIZEN PETITION

    One of the greatest problems that you have inherited from previous
Administrations is the US Forest Service's abuse and mismanagement of our
National Forests, which results in overcutting, excessive clearcutting,
destruction of old-growth forests, the devastation of fish habitat, and
the pollution of watersheds.  It's outrageous that American citizen's tax
dollars are being used to subsidize the destruction of our natural

    I urgently request that you take immediate steps to bring Forest
Service practices into compliance with the National Forest Management Act
of 1976, by restricting logging to environmentally suitable areas, by
eliminating timber sales that LOSE money, and by managing our National
Forests to preserve all their values, including recreation, clean water,
wildlife habitat, scenic beauty, biological diversity, wilderness, and
scientific values. 

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