Plasmids for beginners

Lyle Najita ijiwaru at
Mon Jun 19 23:05:40 EST 1995

In bionet.general Tweedle Did <eef1000 at> said: 
>I am trying to learn about plasmid vectors before I embark on a molecular 

>biology project.  I am running up against the problem that every paper I
>names the vector they used, but does not list suppplier.  Ploughing
through a  
>stack of catalogues is very tedious and I wondered whether there is such a
>thing as an idiot's guide to vector sequences.  I really need to know the 

>restriction sites of a set of specific vectors. 
>I would be very gratfeul for any assistance in this area. 
You can try looking up Molecular Biology LabFax from Academic Press, it has
a listing of commonly used vectors with a few sites. Once you narrow down
the source, most places will fax a restriction map of their vectors if you
call tech services. At least, that's been my experience. Hope this helps. 

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