Endangered Species

Melissa Volekaert mvolekae at ac.brocku.ca
Wed Jun 21 14:30:40 EST 1995

    I am currently designing an educational kit that teachers will be able to use in their classrooms to increase understanding and awarness about endangered species.  The kit will involve an educational simulation that will give students a hands on experience, and allow them to attempt to find a solution to this problem.  
    I am looking for any information regarding endagered species.  More specifically those in Ontario.  If you have any information, I would greatly appreciate it if you could forward it to me.
    If you have any suggestions of books I could include on a bibliography (children's stories as well as non-fiction), ideas on where to find coloured pictures of the Ontarian species, or any kits that you have used/heard of that you think might help me, please let me know.
    Furthermore, if you have any ideas, suggestions, comments etc. those would also be greatly appreciated.  Thank-you in advance for your time and consideration.  
Melissa Volekaert   *Please respond to mvolekae at dewey.ed.BrockU.CA 

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