CGNE HOT HOT HOT! Calgene's Diverse Research

Shahram Mori smori at
Fri Jun 23 18:23:56 EST 1995

rae at neuron wrote:
:    Calgene Inc recently released a report on its oil producing crops that
: really looks promising. Most people think that calgene is only in tomatoes
: but its real value is Calgene's incredible diversity in the genetic
: engineering field. Not only that but it was the first to market a
: genetically engineered crop.
: rae

Though it is my favourite stock; It doesn't mean shit anymore that they
have the first genetically engineered crop. Because of the problems that 
FDA and EPA gave them, they will be releasing their tomatoes pretty much 
about the same time as all others. Also their tomato is under a legal battle
which makes it a little risky.
Oils are on the other hand what I am excited about.
So rae be sure that you mention the problems that they are involved with
as well because then your posts don't sound like those ** GET RICH QUICK**
posts on the net.
It is nice to see others taking an interest in this potentially 
fascinating and not-so-well-experienced management company.

p.s. Since you are from DAVIS, go and see them there and get a taste of their
tomatoes and their oil stuff and etc...; see how they treat you and come back
and tell us about it eh? :)

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