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To all scientists and researchers involved in Aids research

Until now, not a single study concerning the links
between the environmental co-factors and the evolution of AIDS has been done.
It is very possible, though, that environmental and nutritional datas could play
an important role as co-factors, as already seen with similar studies
for the evolution of cancer or cardio-vascular diseases.

The object of the Association "Co-factors" is to gather personalities of the artistic
and of the scientific world for the promotion of an epidemiological study
of the environmental and nutritional co-factors concerning the evolution of AIDS.

Thanks to the artistic community (we were for instance associated with the french premiere of Altmans
"pret a porter", and the organisators of this years Festival of American Film at Deauville want
to dedicate their annual benefit-dinner to Co-factors...),
the association Co-factors will be able to finance a preliminary epidemiological study during the year 1995.
This preliminary study could furnish the foundation for another following study on a wider range,
organized by the WHO or any other instance concerned.

We would be very honored, if we could count on You as a member of our scientific comitee.
You are invited, to join our comittee as an active member or as a passive member.
Help us as an active member, with Your specific experience, to create the protocol of a study,
that could furnish new elements to the research against AIDS.
As a passive member Your support will be a particulary precious help for us, to promote the study.

We sincerely hope, that with Your help, the participation of the artistic community
and the whole of our action, we will be able to provide new elements,
that would allow to understand the mechanics of this terrible disease better.

Yours, 		Laurent Bronner		Thomas Liebert
		 President			Vice-President



Within the AIDS-research, all researchers agree
that no single way of possible research should be neglected.
Though, one particulary simple way, essential to the etiology of other diseases,
like cardiovascular diseases or cancer, has apparantly not been taken into consideration yet:
The possible links between the evolution of the disease and the environmental factors, in particular Nutrition.
There is nothing that could justify the exclusion of such an influence.


Given the extent of the epidemic and the limited action of the curative or preventive methods
put in place so far, the Asssociation "Co-factors" esteems as urgent,
to create a worldwide movement, reuniting influential personalities of the scientific and artistic world,
to encourage researchers to undertake an epidemiological study
evaluating the influence of the environmental factors in the evolution of AIDS.

Members of the Scientific Comittee (June 1995):

Prof Shyh-Ching Lo Ph.D. M.D., Chief, Division of Molecular Pathobiology,
Department of Infectious Diseases Pathology, Armed forces Institute of Pathology, Washington DC, USA
Prof Robert Root-Bernstein Ph.D., Chairman of Department of Immunology, University Michigan, USA
Prof. Arthur Gottlieb M.D., Department of Microbiology, Tulane University, New Orleans, USA
Raphael B. Stricker M.D., Associate Medical Director, Hematology + Immunotherapy, San Francisco, USA
Prof. Bert Gold, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, USA
Dr. Carlton Hogan, Division of Biostatistics, School of Public Health, University of Minnesota, USA
Dr. Fernando Da Silva Amorim, Medicine Interne, Hopital Avicenne, Bobigny, France
Prof. Alfred Hässig, Studiengruppe Ernährung und Immunität, Bern, Schwitzerland
Prof. Maitree Suttajit, Ph. D., Dept. of Biochemistry, Chiang Mai University, Thailand

To get in touch with us, call or fax: France - 1 - 40 34 54 24
or write us at: BP 201, 75921 Paris Cedex 19.
E-mail : loran at

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