Professional ethics: Publishing a student's project

Brian A. Hollander afn08460 at
Tue Jun 27 00:06:12 EST 1995

My 2 cents worth:
	I might feel different if this were a cutting edge peice of work 
but how often is that the case with a masters thesis? Simply let the 
student defend. If he has done no work he'll flunk, as he should. Then 
simply repeat the experiments either yourself or with another, more 
wisely chosen student. Then publish, with no data derived from your 
previous student. Chalk up the time lost to poor management skills in 
taking on the wrong student, or to whatever reason a previouly good 
student went bad.
	The above assumes you discuss the problems your having with your 
student and indeed offer to write up the data with him as a co-author.


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