Professional ethics: Publishing a student's project

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	On reading the problem, I can see that treating it as an ethical
issue will not produce anything useful, as some respondants say one thing
and others another thing - ie we're only getting opinions. A student (or
supervisor) cannot act according to a set of opinions gathered after the
fact. I'm sure that the poster did not expect this to happen to him and
I expect that most academics would confront the same dilemma if put in
the same situation. The problem is that there wasn't a declared set of
principles concerning this issue, under which both the supervisor and
student were working. I don't know the definition of ethics, but presumably
it is concerned with following an accepted course of action according 
to an accepted set of rules known to all parties, rather than 
following opinions gathered after the fact. 

	Whether you want to bother with making a set of guidelines to cover
this and all other eventualities is another issue.

	My opinion? Hard to tell - are there extenuating circumstances?
does his mother have cancer, just broken up with girl/boyfriend of 10yrs...
It would seem OK to me to write the stuff up yourself, after giving the
student adequate warning that you'll do so.

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