Internships/wanted info.

Mary S. Clark mclark at
Wed Jun 28 19:58:12 EST 1995

  I am writing short articles for the World Aquaculture Society on
internships.  My first series of articles are on aquaculture internships,
hopefully to be followed by a series on fisheries and marine science
internships.  To date, I have written on the programs at Harbor Branch
Oceanographic Inst., Inc., University of Maine - Walpole, and Mote Marine
Laboratory.  Please see World Aquaculture magazine Dec '94 (25(4)) and
March '95 (26(1)) for articles.  I plan on doing a story on EPCOT/Disney
and Atlantic Veterinary College (Canada).
  I would greatly appreciate hearing about any other programs in the
world.  Minimally, I need a contact address of either post or electronic. 
If you have any other information, such as brochures, I could use for the
articles I would appreciate a copy.  Please send your responses to
jscarpa at, I may also be reached by fax (407)-466-1506.  My postal
address is:

Harbor Branch Oceanographic Inst., Inc.
Aquaculture Division
5600 U.S. 1 North
Ft. Pierce, FL  34946  USA

Thank you all.

John Scarpa, Postdoctoral Fellow

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