A layman with an intrest in accurate art in Sci.Fi.xenobio.!?

Loyal Smith decon9 at pacificrim.net
Sat Jun 24 23:04:38 EST 1995

 I'm by no means an academic but I am looking for information on 
investgation into evolutionary therory and reachable resourses about
other lifeforms within the C.H.N.O.P.S and beyond. My reasoning is 
the same as Leonardo de V. " Take your art from nature." and if someone 
has the resources a person can take from another persons speculation
with the disipline of science or the resourses known then perhaps i can 
spark the old creative side with a little serious background which shows 
up as notes on just about every sketch. So relax i just need the facts 
for my own information. Not the the kind i'll send to the mothership.
                               thanks for the time!

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