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> Urgent !
> I have found a baby bat (3cm.), fallen on the road.
> How can I feed it ?
> Thanks a lot
> Gianni Barberi
> via Cosseria 4
> 10131 Torino Italy

I found one a few years back and I brought it to a place where they
take care of baby/wounded animals and release them back into the wild
when the are older/stronger.  Before I brought it there, I tried to
find out what I could feed it (I thought it would make a cool pet! :)
but it seemed like no one could give me a good answer.  You are
probably better off trying to find a place like where I brought mine. 
If you can't then perhaps you could go to a pet store and buy that
milk-like stuff you can feed to baby kittens and puppies.  I don't know
if that will work well or not, though.

Good luck.


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