eye color - changing with mood

E.E. Frost eef1000 at cus.cam.ac.uk
Wed Mar 1 05:39:41 EST 1995

On 19 Feb 1995, longo agora wrote:

> There is a person of my acquaintance whose hazel eyes (greenish/gray) 
> turn crystal blue when this lady is happily excited- no other mood will 
> cause this- I have long wondered at this - will a knowledgeable person 
> please explain?
I have also witnessed this phenomenon, in someone who fancied me.  i.e. 
when ever he saw me his eyes changed to a bright sparkling blue (from a 
fairly wishy washy colour).  I thought it was my imagination until a 
friend of mine commented on it as well, that is, she noticed that when he 
was looking at me his eyes changed colour.  


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