which would win, tiger or grizzly???

Wolfgang Wuster bss166 at clss1.bangor.ac.uk
Wed Mar 1 04:34:07 EST 1995

On Tue, 28 Feb 1995, Gregory Scott Farley wrote:

> > > I know this is a silly question and I don't advocate things
> > > like pit bull or cock fights, but does anyone know if the
> > > literature -- old circus or research stuff -- includes info
> > > about which animal excluding elephants would win in battle,
> > > even if they are unnatural foes. Some family members recently
> > > debated which would win, a tiger or grizzly bear.
> > 
> > Easy question ! The tiger would win, since it is the most
> > ferocious hunter alive on our planet.
> > 
> OOOH!  Party Foul!  How about some credit to the sharks?!?!  They reached 
> the pinnacle of predator-hood about 350MYA, and haven't needed to change 
> much since then.  Just my $.02 worth...  Viva chondrichthyes!
Let's not forget crocodiles. They've been since Jurassic times, and would 
make mincemeat out of tigers or grizzlys. I vaguely remember reading 
about them eating sharks as well...   ;-)
Wolfgang Wuster
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