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Wed Mar 1 14:26:17 EST 1995

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Ken Sallenger <ken at> wrote:
>Rogue "Approved:" headers could probably be detected at the gateway,
>and prevented from reaching the lists.   Perhaps a little RM could
>be applied here as well. 

   It seems that the proposals are designed to protect mailing lists. But
in the end we see that they won't so _another_ set of procedures has to
be supplied to do what the first one was intended.
   Why not just leave bionet alone and accept one of two alternatives
for mailing lists:

1) Leave them alone. People who want mailing lists will have to accept the
chaff as well. 

2) Digestify the mailing lists. Have a moderator for the mailing list weed
out spam and obviously non-topic articles (subscribe messages) and mail out
the list as a batch.

  Neither idea needs pre-registration which won't solve the mailing list
problem anyway without another layer of control.


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