gisela hoschek hoschek at
Wed Mar 1 09:58:55 EST 1995

> kristoff at (David Kristofferson) writes:
>>Finally, if everyone was moving away from mail to news then there
>>would be less of a need for some of these issues; unfortunately both
>>kinds of usage continue to increase although the percentage seems to
>>be gradually shifting towards news.
>Why can't bionet itself make this switch by being unavailable to e-mail
>subscribers?  Anybody that has no access to news, can read posts through
>the gopher and the web sites and they can post using e-mail.

I read the news by e-mail for a good reason: I am tying up the phone-line
between my home (where I do most of my work) and the main-frame computer on
campus for the least amount of time, less than 10 min versus 60 min or
more, if I would stay on line to read and write.  Many scientists work at
least part-time at home, and not for frivolous reasons. At the moment
e-mail is the simplest and most efficient way to comminicate in that
setting. Gisela Hoschek

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