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> >Quite frankly, I'm having a hard time finding the distinction between 
> >"commercial" and "non-commercial" content.
>    "Commercial" on the net is a euphamism for "rip-off". Surely you have
> noticed that ads that get posted are almost uniformly frauds, con-games,
> or get-rich-quick schemes. (In fact I haven't seen a single ad that I 
> thought was otherwise). The Green Card Lawyers were asking $100 to sign you
> up for a government program that was free to all comers.
>    The net just isn't good for legitimate advertising. Your ad will get cut
> to pieces by anyone has a grudge against you or is just feeling perky
> that day. Anyone interested in more than getting a quick buck from the 
> innocent and unwary will find little of interest on the net.


Your response typifies the simplistic thinking that pervades the 
Internet and is a reflection of our society's current demand for 
quick fixes.  This whole discussion reminds me of a new saying: 
"Complex problems have simple, easy to understand, wrong solutions".

How do you define "ad"?  When does a posting cease to be a posting and
become an "ad".  Certainly in the case of Canter et al and others, 
the distinction is clear.  It's also clear that they have earned for 
themselves the general hostility of thousands, if not millions, of 
people on the net. So, the net result of their "ads" is to elminate
their business potential.  Not very effective, right?

I suggest that much of what poses as "postings" to newsgroups is 
really just thinly disguised marketing. The point is that it's 
aimed toward improving someone's academic persona, grant position, or
other academic goal, or toward communicating a product or service 
that is valuable and that people who are reading the group would be 
interested in hearing about.

In either case, the motive is the same: to communicate information 
that might be considered valuable, and to improve one's own ability 
to survive in the process.
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