BIOSCI and paying for services

Una Smith una at
Wed Mar 1 16:38:38 EST 1995

kristoff at (David Kristofferson) writes:

>It's hard to sell the BIOSCI address database when it, like other
>BIOSCI services, has always been freely available on the network.

Which is why I'll never put my own name in the BIOSCI database.
I have listed myself in a few places where I have a reasonable
expectation that access will be more restricted than it is on
BIOSCI (that's, actually).

Frankly, I don't see why David Kristofferson is asking bionet.*
readers whether we care if carries commercial ads.
The bionet.* newsgroups are nominally administered by David, who
is in charge of the associated mailing lists too, and happens to
be based on, but bionet.* is only partly dependent
on  Bionet.* could be administered from any place 
that has Usenet access.  David, if you want to sell advertising
space on, and use the income to hire people to run
the mailing lists associated with bionet.* and/or moderate the
bionet.* newsgroups, that's fine with me, provided that readers
of the newsgroups and mailing lists have a say about any changes
to those forums per se.

How you pay for the behind-the-scene work is not really all that
relevant, in my opinion.  For most of Usenet, this work is paid
for indirectly by employers and others who permit and subsidize
the "volunteer" work of hundreds of newsgroup moderators and many
thousands of Usenet administrators.  In a few cases, professional
societies pay the bill.  Do the readers care about these details?
No, so long as they don't directly affect the newsgroups.

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