DNA testing in crime

ROBERT HICKEY 001936h at axe.acadiau.ca
Thu Mar 2 09:18:35 EST 1995

>Say, as long as you want someone else to do your bibliography for you, 
>why not just ask for a typed paper on the subject? What the heck, just 
>because students used to actually have to go to the library and look up 
>stuff, now that they can put out an electronic call for someone else to 
>do all that messy labor, why not just ask for the whole package? 

>Tom Lee

I'm sorry to waste bandwidth here, but I just had to address this.  You'll 
notice, Tom, that the people asking for information are not always 
students.  I am a student and I have asked several time for information and 
I would like to point out that even when people do help you (ie. respond) 
they automatically assume that you haven't already been to the library.  
When I post asking for information, I'm looking for first-hand information.  
If you were trying to identify a species, but you weren't familiar with it, 
where would you go?  Obviously you would look to the experts in that field, 
right?  There are many professors and students who post to these bio.* 
groups who may have worked half their life working on the very topic you're 
researching.  I don't expect you to write my paper for me, I just want your 
opinions about the topic.  A second opinion to my professors so my paper is 
not going to be biased to my prof.'s opinions.
Just relax and enjoy the SCIENTIFIC discussions.

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