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Chris Jones jones at fubar.cs.montana.edu
Thu Mar 2 19:56:36 EST 1995

In article <3ivq5m$bsp at news.rain.org> dscolvin at rain.org writes:
> The letter says that using trichlorethane (typewriter key cleaning fluid) kills the tick immediately and 
> allows it to be picked off - immediately.  We have tried every method in the books and it always 

It seems to me (and my chemist friend) that this stuff could degrade
to carbon tetrachloride.  *That* stuff essentially turns your skin
into an open door, letting just about anything in.  Not to mention the
carcinogenic effects of trichloroethane.

I don't believe there's any foolproof method for removing ticks.  If
you find one, however, please post it.
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