Inseminating Venus with Thermoacidophiles

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Thu Mar 2 15:33:58 EST 1995

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>Science proposes that as time progresses the sun cools. Therefore
>at some point the surface of Venus has/will become similar to that
>of early Earth with respect toward temperature and UV intensity.
>I hypothesize that if, within the time-frame of similarity, the
>surface of Venus were to be inseminated with a variety of archea-
>bacteria, especially thermoacidophiles, that eventually an 
>atmosphere would form, leading to conditions inhabitable by
>some aerobic life. Perhaps the process could be catalyzed.
Dear Eric,
	Maybe, but it might take archeabacteria from the ancient earth, as
opposed to those existing today (or in the remote future when Venus cools).
After all, even the archeabacteria have been evolving over the past few bil-
lion years.
				Bill Tivol

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