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I missed the original post, so I'll reply here to Jim's question.

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>>>Could someone tell me what "AP Biology" is? Just curious.
>>Advanced Placement Biology
>>My first child is about to enter high school, and the snobby little brat
>>wants to go to an all girl school.  All the schools had "AP" courses in
>>all major subjects.  The idea is to get advanced placement in college by
>>taking these courses.  I am unclear about how this works.  Do they take
>>specialized subject tests on the College Boards to prove the AP course is
>>worthy of its name?  Does my terminology date me as a classmate of Fred
>>Flintstone?  Is 42 really the answer to the "ultimate question of life,
>>the universe and everything?"
>>Good luck,
>>Jim Owens

<reply to main point of question deleted>

You may want to check into the APs though - my next door neighbor's
daughter enters high school next year, and told me that they are
removing the AP courses because the colleges are not satisfied with them
for some reason.  I got the impression that this was not and Ames or
Iowa thing, but that Nationally the AP exams were going to go away
within the next four years.  I know she was disgusted since her brother
got enough credits to start college as a sophomore.

As I say - I am not certain (gonna be at LEAST 20 years before I'll care
about that sort of thing again!) but you might want to check into it.

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