Paid job ads on BIOSCI and/or in bionet.*

Una Smith una at
Fri Mar 3 10:57:15 EST 1995

Una Smith <una.smith at> wrote, regarding charging for posts

>>I like this suggestion, provided (1) is moderated and
>>(2) the gated mailing list is maintained.

dan at (Dan Zabetakis) writes:

>  You _can't_ charge people for providing a service that costs you no
>more than it costs hundreds or thousands of other sites that carry you

You can get away with it if you provide a costly service, such as
moderating, indexing, and editing the submissions.

Note, if profit strings are attached to bionet.*, then propagation
of bionet.* groups may decline, because many Usenet sites prefer not
to subsidize the commercial efforts of others without sharing in the
profits.  Biz.* is the major hierarchy with commercial newsgroups,
and it has been very slow work getting its propagation built up.

Frankly, I would prefer to see put together a decent job
listing service, like some other Internet archives already offer.
See _The Scientist_, 23 January 1995 issue for a listing of some of
these.  You can get _The Scientist_ on, by the way.

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