Paid job ads on BIOSCI and/or in bionet.*

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>Subject: Paid job ads on BIOSCI and/or in bionet.*
>Date: 1 Mar 1995 21:23:44 GMT

>states at (David J. States) writes:

>>The group has been an active service that is explicitly
>>advertising.  I think it would be appropriate to impose a moderate fee
>>for posting in this forum.

>I like this suggestion, provided (1) is moderated and
>(2) the gated mailing list is maintained.  I am particularly firm
>about item 2 because, should become commercial in this
>manner, many Usenet sites may decline to carry it, and thus more
>biologists may have not alternative but to access it via e-mail.

I must disagree with Una and others on this. I just posted a copy of our 
department's job ad on It will appear in Science next week. We 
are on a VERY limited budget here. If it cost another $100 to put it on bionet 
I simply would not have done so. is of most benefit to the job 
_seekers_. Unlike Science, which charges and has to pay real money to actually 
print the ad, a posting on costs virtually nothing. This proposal 
is definitely a case of hurting the most needy.

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