G-C content

paul betts paul_b at biotek.mcb.uconn.edu
Fri Mar 3 08:56:36 EST 1995

We have recently tried a protocol designed for determining genomic DNA base
composition.  The protocol requires hydrolyzing DNA in formic acid then
resolving the constituent bases using HPLC with a "Partisil" strong anion
exchange column with an isocratic elution profile.  This method did not
work in our hands, though admittedly the SAX column we used was not a
Partisil.  We tried several permutations of this protocol but failed to
resolve the constituent peaks.  Does anyone out there have an alternative
protocol for HPLC for this purpose that they are willing to share? Does
anyone know of a facility that performs base composition analysis (HPLC or
other) as a service?  We have a new strain of Mycoplasma that we are
characterizing and wish to know its G-C content.

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