Genetics Poll

M Portune mportune at
Sun Mar 5 15:04:53 EST 1995

Hi, my name is Matt Portune and I attend 9th grade in Dallas, Texas.  I
need your help in completing a Biology assignment concerning "Genetic
Traits."  Would you please take the time to answer the following

1)  Do you have a "Widows Peak" at the middle of your forehead?
2)  Do you have hair that grows on your fingers between the 1st and 2nd
3)  Can you roll your tongue?
4)  When you fold your hands, which thumb is ontop, left or right?
5)  Do your ear lobes habg free from the ear, or are they attached?

Please E-mail results to M Portune at 
-Thank you, I will post the results next week.

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