genetic/lineage coding scheme

mdspre at mdspre at
Fri Mar 3 11:07:45 EST 1995

Hi, We're doing an epidemiological genetics study, and I'm trying to set up the
records database.  I need some sort of coding scheme for relatives of our
patients.  Is there a standard scheme?  I'm not looking for a graphical
(box/circle/line) system (although I'd like to know what software will
generatethe graphical lineage plots), or a Roman numeral generation scheme.
What I need is an alpha-numeric system, suitable for entry into cells of a
spreadsheet (Excel) or database (Access), which will indicate generational
relationship, maternal/paternal line, gender, etc., and be capable of
indicating multiple relationships in the case of consanguinity (such as cousin
marriages).  Any help much appreciated! Thanks,Elliot Sprecher, Ph.D.Research
CoordinatorNational Childhood Diabetes CenterChildren's Medical Center of

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