eye color changing with mood

Giovanni Maga maga at vetbio.unizh.ch
Mon Mar 6 08:38:07 EST 1995

In article <3j6iib$155 at ixnews4.ix.netcom.com>, longo at ix.netcom.com (longo
agora) wrote:

> Am I to understand that the only current theory on the matter is 
> variation in blood pressure?   Did no one ever ask the question before 
> or what?  I am begining to think no one knows. Although any physiologist 
> worth a bent penny ought to care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   It seems people 
> only look where they are pretty sure they can find... Actually, 
> personally it is now just as interesting to wonder why this phenomenon 
> has never been studied, never mind being considered as worthy of 
> study... So, let me be the first to say it:  Some people's eyes change 
> with mood.  Yet I have been assured by many here that it was an 
> impossibility. How can this matter, so elemental, have been ignored for 
> so long??

I don't see why you should get nervous about that. I also have changing
eyes, but I was living well even without knowing why. Didn't come in your
mind that probably other physiological phenomena could be more worth to be
studied than eye's colour changing with the mood? By the way, since the
*mood* is how an individual feel in response to a combination of
psycological and physiological phenomena, we should address the question:
what is changing with the *mood*? and what and why and how it affects eye's
colour? I'm sorry, but it's too much work to find out then that probably
the blood pressure was right the cause...  

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