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In article <3jf6qj$3e2 at>, Gina wrote:

> Yes, I agree whole-heartedly. I would not use the newsgroups if vendors
> started posting on a regular basis. The molbio.methods-and-reagents group in
> particular would be flooded. I don't need a bunch of vendors telling me
> how wonderful their product is. I can read Biotechniques for that. 
> What I want to know is how these products performed in the hands of people
> who actually use them. 

I agree, as well, that posts hyping specific products could be
counterproductive in bionet.methds-reagnts. Nonetheless, I believe that
the commercial sector has information that is of value to the rest of the
biology community. That is why I would like to start a separate newsgroup
for the purpose of discussing products and other commercial information. 

Such a group could have many names. Possibilities are: bionet.products;
bionet.methds-reagnts.commercial; biz.biotech.methds-reagnts; and others.
People who want to see new product announcements could look there, and
researchers who would like answers from vendors could post there.

Does that proposal address your concerns?


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