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> WarrenK at writes, re looking in biz.* for commercial
> product announcements:
>>Yes, but I wonder how many regular BIOSCI/binet readers even consider
>>into the biz hierarchy?  It's not the first place I would think of
looking for 
>>information on scientific products.  It would be a bit like a chemical
>>company placing an ad in the Wall Street Journal rather than Science. :-)
> A better analogy might be that we prefer to have the product announcements
> placed together by topic in the back pages of Science rather than having 
> to filter them out when we're trying to read up on the latest news in our
> field of research.

Is that really a better analogy? If we create a _separate group_ for
commercial posts, IMO that is very much like having the product
announcements placed together in the back pages of Science. Except that it
would be better, because the announcements could be archived, and then
they would be cumulative and searchable.


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