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Emmanuel Skoufos, Ph.D. skoufos at nefeli.imbb.forth.gr
Mon Mar 6 23:17:17 EST 1995

Chuck Staben <staben at ukcc.uky.edu> writes:
>Can anyone direct me (and the high school student teacher on whose
>behalf I post this) to a list of readily observed human genetic
>traits?  Ideally these would be common variants that can be observed
>with clothes on--like pattern baldness, etc. for use in a high
>school biology class.

A few I can think of:
Hitch-hiker's thumb
Attached ear lobes
Cleft chin
all of which are dominant.
Also you have traits like hair,eye and skin color, body size, etc that
are all regulated in more complex ways.
I hope this is of help.




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