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Una Smith una at
Mon Mar 6 15:47:56 EST 1995

Ola Myklebost <olam at> wrote:

>I think the explosion of participation in bionet requires moderation
>to be continuously useful. ... It is just too easy to ask the net
>(wasting the time of thousands of presumably serious researchers).

Unfortunately, you are right, Ola.  A fool is as a fool does.  No
amount of advance discrimination about who is a "professional" and
who is not, does not directly address the noise:signal problem.
Let's not adopt a system that applies this grotesque prejudice to
students, lay people, and others, presuming them guilty of crimes
they haven't committed, and barring them from posting at all lest
their articles *might* be a waste of our time.

The best way to cut out the chaff is to cut it out, one article at
a time, by recruiting an esteemed biologist to serve as moderator
of any individual newsgroup that wants one.


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