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Una Smith una at
Mon Mar 6 15:19:10 EST 1995

David Kristofferson <kristoff at> wrote:

>I once again make a plea to hear from those of you who don't normally
>participate in these discussions.  The usual discussants in this group
>have expounded at length as expected.  We'd like to hear from others,
>too.  Please don't be shy!!

Just be careful that you don't say too much, or Dave K. will accuse
you, redundantly, of "expounding at length".  ;-)

It *is* good to hear from non-experts about what the frustrations
are with the current situation, but I sincerely hope that Dave K.
will not disregard the opposition to his own preferences from more
experienced readers merely *because* we are familiar with bionet.*
and Usenet in general.   


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