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>Such an action is long overdue!  I am on the verge of unsubscribing
>from a variety of general news groups (and even a few of the more
>specific ones) because I just no longer have the time to wade
>through all the chaff.  It would be a shame because because I have
>gotten help and ideas fron net-collegues and have given it in
>return.  Unfortunately, as with all research/teaching tools, you
>have to choose those which give you the most benefit for the time or
>$ cost invested.  Most of the big biosci groups are teetering on the
>cost/benefit brink for me and many others.  If those of us who have
>been computer enthusiasts in our areas of biology are turned off,
>how can we encourage others who have to invest the reading time AND
>the "fighting with your computer time" which all new users
>experience to some degree?

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Thanks for your comment, Peter.  Your reaction is much more typical of
what I have encountered recently talking to users.  Of course,
ultimately the issue will be decided by a vote once we have our future
funding secured, so this hypothesis will be put to a more rigorous
test than mere anecdotal findings.

I once again make a plea to hear from those of you who don't normally
participate in these discussions.  The usual discussants in this group
have expounded at length as expected.  We'd like to hear from others,
too.  Please don't be shy!!


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