Your Announcement and Proposed Changes

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Mon Mar 6 09:39:15 EST 1995

In article <CMM-RU.1.4.794304682.kristoff at>, biosci-help at NET.BIO.NET (BIOSCI Administrator) writes:
>You sent me private mail some time back about this issue (in
>connection, if memory serves correctly, with your running a seminar or
>trade show introducing biotech concerns to Internet business
>opportunities), and I explained the rationale behind BIOSCI's
>commcerial use policy back then.  I'll do so once again now publicly.

Yes, I agree whole-heartedly. I would not use the newsgroups if vendors
started posting on a regular basis. The molbio.methods-and-reagents group in
particular would be flooded. I don't need a bunch of vendors telling me
how wonderful their product is. I can read Biotechniques for that. 
What I want to know is how these products performed in the hands of people
who actually use them. 


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