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Jeff Rawlings rawlings at
Mon Mar 6 13:15:06 EST 1995


You combined quite a few issues into your response to me. For clarity, I
will reply in two separate posts.

> However, if someone was going to moderate such a group
> in the bionet domain, my personal opinion is that it should be someone
> who is non-partisan.  Your position as an Internet consultant, not to
> mention your use of your .signature file for advertising your
> consulting business on our newsgroups, do not quite seem to fit that
> bill.

I think I should tell everyone a little more about myself. As an
undergraduate at UC Berkeley, I majored in Molecular and Cell Biology,
with an emphasis in Genetics. When I graduated, I moved to Caltech. I
spent a year there as a technician, and then entered graduate school, also
at Caltech. My research focused on signal transduction and the molecular
biology of the synapse. Specifically, I investigated the structure of the
postsynaptic density in the rat central nervous system. During my time at
Caltech, I was a frequent user of and occasional contributor to bionet.

When I started graduate school, I was strongly imbued with the culture of
academia, including its biases against industry and commercialism. I
remember one specific event that brought me to a personal change-of-heart.
I was struggling to produce a recombinant protein, which turned out to be
insoluble in several different constructs. The solution came from an
individual in the technical support division of a commercial supplier, who
went out of his way to help me with my problem. 

During the next few months, I noticed how much I relied upon the
commercial sector of the research community for information and support. I
also noticed that I couldn't find a trace of commercial resources anywhere
I looked on the Internet. That was when I decided to take a break from
graduate school to become an Internet consultant. My motivation is to
bridge the communication gap that I see dividing the life science research
community, and to help build the Internet resources that I looked for and
couldn't find.

I hope that I didn't cause any misunderstanding in my posts or with my
.signature, which I view simply as a description of what I do. If I did, 
I hope this introduction clears it up.

Jeff Rawlings                                   Internet Consultant
rawlings at                                             and
rawlings at                         Research Biologist

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